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As seen on screen with Cumbria Crystal

Over the past few decades, Cumbria Crystal has graced our big, and small, screens countless times.

Why does it appear to be the Crystal of choice for the industry you ask? Firstly, due to the lead crystal content, it offers incredible shine and sparkle under studio lights. Secondly, our Grasmere collection – which is the collection of choice for the industry – fits perfectly into stories set in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Below we share some examples of our crystal in motion and we very much welcome you to get in touch if you have seen our collections grace your screen at any point

Grasmere Highball featured in The Crown (Netflix)

Casino Royale

Thanks to 007, our Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Whiskey glass is our most popular item with customers around the world enjoying their favourite whiskey or bourbon from this vessel. It is after a close shave in the 2006 film that Bond decides to calm his nerves with something strong from our very own glass. We have the exact moment right here for you to watch.

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Sherlock Holmes

Set just before the turn of the 20th century in 1891, we see Holmes and Watson (Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law) enjoying – or rather squabbling over – champagne from our Vintage style glasses whilst Holmes older brother, Mycroft (Steven Fry) sips a suspected dark rum from the same glass that 007 favours.

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Downton Abbey

We are extremely proud to have supplied all the crystal for the filming of Downton Abbey for both the series and film. Our Grasmere collection fits perfectly with the early 20th century setting and aristocratic lifestyle of the Crawleys.

We have specifically chosen the clip above as not only does it show our crystal in motion at Downton but it features one of our wonderful team members Hilary Frankland who, after 23 years as our lead crystal marker, is retiring.

Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement Hilary from all at Cumbria Crystal, customers, followers and friends.

double old fashion whisky tumbler

Where else have you spotted our crystal? Maybe you have taken a trip to the cinema or began a new box set and thought you recognised what the characters are drinking from?

Sometimes we work directly with the production company to provide our crystal for their sets but other times they are supplied via prop companies so we know we have appeared in many pieces of media we are yet to discover. Do drop us an email if you have any information to share with us

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