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Delivery updates page

Thank you for your interest in ordering world leading, completely handmade, luxury lead-crystal from Cumbria Crystal.

Please scroll down for your options when ordering in the coming months.

The luxury crystal industry is experiencing longer lead-times than normal. This is due to a combination of post-Brexit rebound and a shortage of talented craftspeople, combined with and growing demand globally for luxury products. This is compounded by increasing numbers of manufacturers moving away from working with expensive lead-crystal to cheaper materials, or by employing mass-production or automated processes to reduce costs. 

On average it takes 15 years to train a glassblower to achieve the standards we demand & five years for an engraver. We are different from many companies in that we only use original historical techniques, have not automated anything, use only traditional clay pot-furnaces and everything is done by hand by our small team of skilled staff. 

Due to the fact we currently have very little stock already created and that each order is made especially for that customer, our longest wait times now are up to 12 weeks.

What this does mean is that your order will be especially crafted in our factory in the English Lake District just for you. We endeavour to complete orders as quickly as we can without compromising on quality, but the nature of the process means it is difficult to increase production. We are currently seeking to recruit more skilled staff to help address this issue longer term.

To assist you we have a variety of options available to ensure your customer journey with Cumbria Crystal is of an excellent standard.

Are you ordering crystal for yourself and have no particular rush for it?

Please place your order as normal. We will schedule our team of artisans to create your piece(s) especially for you, 100% by hand, to be delivered within 12 weeks.

You may wish to call us +44 01229 584 400 before placing your order, or drop us an e-mail to  so our team can assess and advise which products may be available, which need to be made, and/or advise on alternatives. On occasion dispatch is delayed whilst we wait for a single item from a large order to be crafted, especially if it not something we make very often, or is in high demand. In this case you may wish to consider receiving your order in more than one delivery. Please advise us in the order notes if this option would be of interest.

Are you ordering crystal for yourself, or as a gift, would like it within the next few months but don’t mind which collection?

Please call  +44 01229 584 400 or e-mail us

We usually have a limited amount of crystal available that can be picked, polished and sent out at shorter notice. Call or e-mail us so can review your requirements and what we have available to help you meet them.

Are you ordering crystal for a gift and are happy to wait, but need something to give temporarily in place of the item?

Please place your order as normal, however in your the Notes at the Checkout section request a ‘Commission Letter’ and the address you would like it sending to ‘Send to me’ or ‘Send to recipient’. You will find more information about how our Commission Letter offer works  here. We will then request our team of artisans to create your piece(s) especially for you, 100% by hand, to be delivered to the recipient as soon as it is completed within the next 12 weeks.

Are you ordering crystal for a gift and need something within the next few days?

Please place an order for a ‘gift e-voucher’ by clicking here.

This will be sent directly to you within 1 business day. You can either choose to print the voucher, or place the unique code within a card to gift to someone. If you would like a paper voucher sending to you, please call us on +44 01229 584400 to arrange.

We hope that one of these options meets your needs and we are always available to discuss your potential order with you by calling +44 01229 584400 (Monday – Friday 10-5. Saturday & Sunday 10-4) or via e-mail

We thank you for supporting our small, British company who endeavour to keep the art of traditional crystal making alive for many years to come and we look forward to delivering our luxury crystal to your home soon.

Want to learn more about our process and why it takes a minimum of 10 days to handcraft a single item? Click here

2 thoughts on “Delivery updates page

  1. I was hoping to order 2 Lyre old fashioned whiskey glasses for my husband for Christmas. How likely are we to receive these given all the problems you have outlined above?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Jan. Unfortunately our lead times are currently up to 8 months so we would not be able to deliver by Christmas. There is a small chance we have the stock already created, please call our factory shop on 01229 584400 to check. The alternative is to purchase a gift certificate for your husband (if you want this for the exact monetary of the amount of the glasses you desire, please do this via the factory shop telephone number also) and we can create a commission letter for him to gift at Christmas and then deliver the items in the new year. Thank you for choosing Cumbria Crystal and we hope we can assist you in some way.

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