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Celebrating Bentley’s Centenary | BENTLEY EXP 100 GT

Here at Cumbria Crystal we are delighted to have collaborated with Bentley on their EXP 100 GT. We have assisted in creating the seamlessly integrated AI hub, also known as the Bentley Personal Assistant, which allows you to make commands through hand gestures.

“Bentley prides itself on working with the best luxury manufacturers around the UK, we at Cumbria Crystal are truly honoured to be a part of this extraordinary milestone. The EXP 100GT epitomises true craftsmanship.” Chris Blade, MD

The following was first published October 2018

As seasoned advocates of our work at Cumbria Crystal we are sure you are aware of our Collaborative work with Bentley Motors, seeing our fabulous bespoke flutes supplied with every new Bentley Bentayga Mulliner – we have recently been working on a new project with the Mulliner team in the run up to Bentley’s Centenary celebration year and are delighted that our bespoke tumbler and decanter collection were shown to the eagerly watching public at the launch event in Pebble Beach, Caifornia at the exclusive Monterey car week.

This has been a long process, to develop a truly unique product to this vehicle (the Mulsane WO Edition) and we feel completely honored to be part of such a special moment in Bentley’s life and look forward to collaborating on many other projects in the future.

The Mulliner Mulsanne WO edition is inspired and created in celebration of  Mr Bentley himself, the man who’s true time goal was ‘to build a fast car, a good car, the best in it’s class’. It features not only an 8 litre engine, the same as WO Bentley’s own vehicle launched in 1930 but every person who is lucky enough to own one of these incredible vehicles will share with them a part of Bentley’s history in the vehicle itself. Hidden between the two rear seats lies a section of the original Crankshaft, somewhat similar to the crankshaft used in all modern Bentleys – this is beautifully inlaid in a clear window in the tray of  the drinks cabinet (located just behind our bespoke tumblers.)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Bentley’s Centenary | BENTLEY EXP 100 GT

  1. I am looking for an additional 2 tumblers to match the 2 i have in a Bentley WO Mulsanne.

    Can you supply the tumblers direct to a customer and if so what is the price of the tumblers?

    1. Hi Ross
      Apologies for the delay in response. We are currently checking this for you and will be in touch shortly.
      Thank you

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