Blow your Own Tumbler Experience (Two People)

Age: 16+ years:  £310 for two people. Product Code WS-908-TUM

Duration: 3 hours. 2 participants.                                                               

Available as a gift voucher

In this unique half-day experience, you will learn to gather molten glass from the furnace and to shape it into a blown glass tumbler. Learning to blow glass requires the repetition of certain processes and so you will take it in turns to ‘gather’ glass from the furnace on a blowing iron; shape the glass into the correct form before blowing the initial bubble. You will learn how to inflate the glass and how to shape the glass using traditional wood and metal tools. The bubble will then be transferred to a separate punty iron before being opened up to create an open vessel.

Although not guaranteed, we hope to send you away with at least one tumbler from which you can enjoy your favourite tipple.

This experience will definitely challenge! This is an excellent gift idea.

This experience is available Saturday-Wednesday. If you would like to book on this experience please call +44(0)1229 584400 or email to check availability.