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The question that has been on everybody’s lips… “What is the best crystal glass for drinking Champagne?”

This may feel like one of those questions that you hesitate to ask because there seems to be an obvious answer. I mean, aren’t champagne glasses called ‘Champagne glasses?’ This may feel like one of those questions that you hesitate to ask because there seems to be an obvious answer. I mean, aren’t champagne glasses called ‘Champagne glasses?’

Well, if you’re asking the question, and pondering this dilemma whilst chilling a luxuriously expensive bottle of Champagne, then you most certainly have a very valid reason for doing some research. If you have a special occasion such as an anniversary, an important valentines’ day date or poignant birthday celebration, to which you have purchased a beautiful bottle of Champagne to mark the occasion or to share a love of high quality and decadence to add to the value of such event, then surely you should be gracing this fine quality of wine with a fine quality of drinking vessel?

Cumbria Crystals’ traditional Grasmere Champagne Flute

Indeed, it is proven that a glass’s shape, feel, weight and grandeur all have a part to play within a quality Champagne drinking experience; At Cumbria Crystal, we specialise in the creation of two, very different, yet prestigious lead crystal glasses just suited for this fine tincture; the Champagne Flute, and the Coupe.

Cumbria Crystals’ Boogie Woogie Champagne Coupe.

In a tall flute, there is a large depth of liquid in the glass, showcasing the fine bubbles that form. Whereas, in a flat, wide coupe, the shorter depth of liquid make the bubbles congregate near the centre, allowing the wines’ aroma to release with more influence.

Many people view the flute as the iconic glass for champagne, the long stem provides an amble hold to ensure that the optimal cool temperature of the wine is maintained, whilst also showing off the hypnotising dance of its’ effervescence. Yet in the past, the champagne coupe was the epitome of style and elegance, truly a traditional Champagne-drinking vessel; glorified in the style and tastes of the late 1930s.

Cumbria Crystals’ Palm Design, showcased on a range of Lead Crystal Glassware, including the Champagne Flute.

So in answer to how to select the optimal glassware for your bottle, well, this depends on which Champagne has been selected. A fine and fruity Champagne deserves a homage to its’ aromatic qualities; so choose a Champagne Coupe design that suits your style, allows you to maintain its cool presence and provides an aromatic sensation to your palette.

Or if you have selected superior dry Champagne (Brut), with elegant fruity notes, then a spectacular flute would most certainly complement.

Why choose Crystal?

There are numerous benefits to the use of high-quality crystal glassware over regular glass. Firstly, due to the crystals’ rougher surface area, the glass creates more bubbles to mesmerise. This is not only more pleasurable to drink but helps to aerate the Champagne and promote its fine flavour. Secondly, the thicker glass provides slightly more insulation to the wine, and so maintains its’ perfect cool drinking temperature. Thirdly, when toasting glasses, the crystal sings with a spellbinding tone. And finally, the crystal refracts light more effectively, producing a stunning array of patterns through its unique design.

In review, you shall certainly need opulent glassware to truly best enjoy a proper Champagne wine.

At Cumbria Crystal, we produce the highest quality crystal glassware in our factory, made to order in premium quality, for just this type of occasion. With premium lead crystal glasses, hand made by our highly skilled glassblowers in our British factory.

Bring some style and decadence to your celebrations, and satisfy that high quality bottle of Moet for your wedding day or anniversary, with the highest quality of glass, suited perfectly for your fine tipple.

Showcasing here our Palm Champagne Flute (above), and our Boogie-Woogie Champagne Coupe (links below), yet we have many other beautiful designs, both traditional and modern to choose from.