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Employee Appreciation Day 2020

Friday 6th March is marked in calendars across many businesses as Employee Appreciation Day and so we wanted to take the opportunity to give you an insight into some key members of our tightly knit team here in our beautiful English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site. All manufacturing takes place in one building where we have five glass-blowers (collectively with 105 years of experience) & three glass-cutters with 63 years experience. Our artisans are supported by a highly committed team of glass processing, marking, repair, quality control, packaging & dispatch staff.

Customers are supported by a Trade Sales agent and an in-house Customer Liaison Officer. Heather and Sian support visitors to our Factory Outlet shop & customers purchasing via the web.

The company is managed by CEO, Chris Blade, who is relies and is grateful for the professionalism of a truly dedicated management and support team – Finance Manager, Marketer, Bookkeeper, Operations Manager.

In total 23 staff exceptional people are required to produce each piece of your world class luxury hand-made crystal.

Bev Frankland is our Operations Manager and part of the company management team. Everyone who has commissioned work will have dealt with Bev at some point. There is not much about the project management & manufacture of hand blown and cut crystal that Bev has not dealt with since first starting as a 16 year old glass washer in 1990. Bev worked her way through the factory process department to becoming Head Quality Controller and even now she has a managerial role she is still regularly seen double checking quality and adjudicating grading decisions.

Steve McDougall has been blowing glass at Cumbria Crystal since 1989. Steve is our ‘Wine Servitor’ and is personally responsible for the creation of the stems and feet of every wine glass produced at the factory. This hugely skilled task uses traditional glass making processes brought from Stourbridge when the factory was founded in 1976. Cumbria Crystal is now one of the few places in the world where the particular ‘casting on’ technique that Steve excels at can still be seen. Steve enjoys working as part of a small team creating the highest quality hand-made crystal possible.

Jitka Wilcox has 27 years’ experience of diamond wheel glass cutting and has worked here since 2004. Jitka spent 3.5 years studying full time at a glass technology College studying glass cutting in the Czech Republic before graduating and working for a further 16 years in a Czech crystal factory. Jitka is able to translate the most demanding, complex and intricate designs into beautiful products. Cumbria Crystal is famous for the incredible cutting craftsmanship and it is worth noting that the precision and perfection of our glass belies the fact that every piece is completely hand-made. Jitka enjoys the challenge of the Grasmere cut but when the opportunity arises loves to cut more freestyle designs such as flowers and leaves.

The above are just a few of our highly skilled and talented artisans that produce the luxury crystal we are known for around the world. You can meet more of the team here. Cumbria Crystal would not be the prestigious brand it is today without all those that work here, so a huge thank you to all staff!

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