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What is the Difference Between Champagne Coupes and Flutes?

What is the Difference Between Champagne Coupes and Flutes?

A special occasion deserves champagne, and any event worthy of champagne deserves an extraordinary champagne glass.

Cumbria Crystal is home to a stunning collection of hand-cut champagne glasses that effortlessly elevate any soiree or social gathering, but do you know the difference between a champagne coupe and a champagne flute?

The expert team behind our elegant designs have detailed some essential aspects of each style below, giving you the lowdown on which glass will best suit your favourite bubbly. 

What is a champagne coupe?

Champagne Coup

Let us start with the original glass for champagne, the coupe. Champagne coupes gained popularity in the early 20th century and are arguably synonymous with the Great Gatsby era. 

Also referred to as ‘champagne saucers’, this style of crystal champagne glass features a shallow bowl atop a thin stem, and as is the case in our many Cumbria Crystal designs, you’ll often find hand-cut intricate etching around the bowl. 

Five key characteristics of the champagne coupe are:

  • Bowl shape - The coupe’s saucer-like, wide, shallow bowl is instantly recognisable and designed to allow the bubbles of the champagne to disperse quickly.
  • Stem length - Champagne coupes ordinarily feature a short stem. Although this allows for a distinguished silhouette, it can make champagne coupes less sturdy than their slender counterpart.
  • Appearance - Coupes are typically vintage in their aesthetic, with a classic design remaining largely unchanged from their early to mid-20th century conception.
  • On the mouth - The coupe’s wide bowl shape allows for small sips and reduces the effervescence of the beverage, meaning it is favoured by those who like to savour the taste of their champagne with fewer bubbles.
  • On the nose - The increased surface area of the coupe’s bowl can enhance the aroma of the champagne, meaning drinkers can fully appreciate the beverage’s bouquet.

What is a champagne flute?

Champagne Flute

Champagne flutes are tall and thin in shape, featuring a long stem that allows drinkers to hold the glass with ease. The form of the crystal champagne flute makes it the ideal drinking vessel for social gatherings where mingling is a must. 

The elegant, elongated shape of the flute serves two purposes: it is easy to hold and typically sturdier than the coupe, while the receptacle also preserves carbonation and allows you to enjoy each exciting bubble for longer. 

Five significant attributes of the champagne flute include: 

  • Bowl shape - The flute’s tall, narrow bowl tapers upwards from a slender stem; as aforementioned, this preserves the carbonation of your champagne or sparkling wine and makes the flute effortless to hold.
  • Stem length - Champagne flutes typically have a longer stem when compared to coupes, giving them increased stability and more surface area to hold, thus avoiding warming the contents of your glass.
  • Appearance - The aesthetics of the champagne flute differ significantly from design to design, and they can span everything from classic to a more contemporary look. The flute is generally reserved for celebrations and formal events, so they must fit the occasion - whatever the style.
  • On the mouth - The narrow design of the champagne flute encourages small sips, meaning that the drinker enjoys the taste of the champagne or other sparkling beverages in intervals. This aspect makes the flute the ideal accompaniment to toasting and celebrating.
  • On the nose - The elongated, slender opening of champagne flutes concentrates the beverage's aromatics at the top of the glass, accentuating each aspect of the bouquet’s aroma. 

If you would like to know more about our stunning champagne glass collection, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team using the details below. 

Is your glass a gift that you would like to make extra special? Take advantage of our Bespoke Engraving service to create something truly unique. 

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