Blow Your Own Crystal Bauble

A hands-on 'One-to-One' glass-blowing experience.


€39,78 per person


30min  –  1h 15min


Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

About this experience

Our sell-out glass blowing experiences are back.

Experience first-hand and close-up, the extreme temperatures required to transform sand into glass and learn to apply some of the 2000 year old skills first developed by the ancient Romans.

During this short but intense experience, you will work one-on-one with a skilled glassblower who will tutor and support you, at every step, throughout the creation of your own multi-coloured lead crystal bauble. This is a truly unique and educational experience during where you will work with glass at 1200 degrees.

What happens during the experience?

Your tutor will demonstrate what they will make with you and then invite you into the hot seat. You will choose the colours you wish to use, and with the assistance of the tutor, fuse them on a blowing iron and melt them into the glass. You will form the glass in a wooden block before blowing down the iron to create your bauble It is likely you will repeat this process a few times in a special reheating chamber. Metal tools called 'jacks' are used to shape the glass & separate it from the blowing iron. The bauble is separated from the blowing iron by your tutor who then applies a hook, formed from liquid glass, so it can be hung on your tree.

Do I take my bauble home straight away?

Your bauble must cool in an annealing overnight which prevents it from breaking by cooling too quickly! You can usually collect your glass the next day, however we are happy to arrange postage if it is not feasible for you to return to collect your bauble within one week.


To ensure a safe working environment a maximum of four participants per hour may enter the glassblowing area, with a maximum of four non-participants. When you are not actively blowing you will be seated, so you can watch and take photographs.

Only one person will blow glass at a time. Your safety is our paramount concern so you will enjoy extremely close supervision & tuition. The minimum age for this experience is 8 years.

Terms and Conditions


Do you want to book for a large group, maybe a family birthday or a work away day? Feel free to email on to arrange.