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Vase, Tumbler, Bowl Experience

Blow a Coloured Vase, Bowl, Dish or Tealight holder


1 100 kr per person


1h  –  13h

About this experience

Experience first-hand and close up, the extreme temperatures required to transform sand into glass and learn about some of the 2000 year old skills developed by the ancient Romans.

During this experience, you will work directly with one of our highly skilled glassblowers who will tutor and support you through every step of the creation of a multi-coloured crystal container. This could be a small vase, bowl, tealight or even a small dish. The creative process to make each are almost exactly the same and it is just the final forming of the glass which defines what it is. We cannot guarantee the exact shape of your final piece, as this is somewhat dictated by you, but your tutor will guide to to get as close to the shape you choose as possible in the time available.

This is a truly unique and educational experience during which you will blow, manipulate and add colours to liquid glass at temperatures in excess of 1200 centigrade.

What happens during the experience?

Your tutor will demonstrate the process of creating a coloured vessel (whether a vase, tumbler, bowl, dish or tealight) from start to finish, to help you visualise and prepare for when you are invited into the hot seat. The final shape can change throughout the process, so flexibility is key. For example, you may be aiming for a vase, but end up with a beautiful bowl instead.

You will have the opportunity to choose which colours you wish to use (from a limited selection) and with the assistance of the tutor, will melt them into the liquid glass on the end of a blowing iron. Your tutor will 'gather' clear glass over the top of this to ensure you have enough glass to craft your product.



You will use a wooden block, or possibly a wet newspaper 'hand-pad', to form the flexible crystal mass into the desired shape, ready to blow into a bubble. Once the bubble is in the glass, the process will be repeated a number of times to refine the form.  In a process called cutting-in, metal hand-tools called jacks are used to narrow the glass at the intersection of the blowing iron, enabling it to be taken off the iron.

Once the cooling glass becomes stiff and brittle, where it has been cut-in, the bubble is effectively ready to be separated from the iron. It is attached by its base to a 'punti iron' using a little blob of glass which acts as an adhesive. This enables the hole remaining in the glass bubble, from where it was separated from the blowing iron, to be heated until it becomes flexible again.

At this stage the jacks are inserted into the hole, the glass rotated, and slowly opened to allow the 'neck' of the vessel to expand, effectively forming the neck of the vessel. A few more reheats will enable the desired shape to be achieved whether this is a vase, tumbler, bowl, plate, etc.

Once finished, the glass is then placed in a kiln at 420 Centigrade and allowed to cool slowly over a period of 24-48 hours. This process prevents it from cracking as it cools. 

Can I take my vessel home straight away?

Your product must cool slowly to prevent it from shattering. This make take a few days. Once at room temperature we will grind the base to ensure it sits nicely on a table and is not sharp.


Collection / Delivery

If you are unable to collect within a week, please let us know before you leave the factory and we can organise for it to be posted. If you selected this option whilst booking, you will be asked to pay the postage fee before you leave us.

To ensure a safe working environment a maximum of two participants per hour can participate in this experience.  Four non-participating friends or family may sit nearby to watch and take those all-important photographs. When not actively blowing we request you remain seated for your safety. Each individual hands-on experience will last around 30 minutes.

Unlike some other glass studios, only one person will blow glass at a time, ensuring you have the full attention of your tutor. Your safety is our paramount concern a you will have extremely close supervision. The minimum age for this experience is 16 years as it has more opportunity for close contact with hot glass than our bauble workshops. Participants must wear clothing that covers their legs and feet. Shorts, short skirts, sandals, stilettos etc. are not allowed.

Terms and Conditions Please note, our 10% welcome code cannot be used when purchasing glass blowing experiences.

Do you want to book for a larger group? Maybe a family birthday or a work away day? Feel free to email us to arrange.

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