Experiences – FAQ’s


Due to the nature of our experiences – the requirement to be in close proximity to staff and, in some cases, using your mouth to form the glass – we have decided to postpone all experiences in 2020 in order to protect the public and our employees.

We welcome you to purchase gift vouchers for our experiences, and support our small company,  to use in 2021 and beyond. These vouchers will be valid for one year from the date we resume glass blowing experiences for the public and can always be used to purchase our crystal if your plans to visit change.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support.

Q. How do I book?

A. You can book a slot online for a Bauble or Paperweight Experience using our online calendars;
* Bauble Experience – Book here.
* Paperweight Experience – Book here.
To book a Hearts Experience, Blow-Your-Own-Tumbler, Bud Vase, or One-to-One Experience, please email us at info@cumbriacrystal.com or call us on 01229 584 400. More information about these courses can be found in our Experiences Brochure.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Cotton clothes are best. To be admitted to the factory floor you MUST be wearing long trousers, a loose t-shirt and closed toed shoes e.g. trainers or walking shoes – pumps, sandals, shorts, skirts and tights are not permitted.

Q. Do you provide any safety equipment?

A. Yes. We provide safety goggles (regular and goggles which fit over glasses for people who wear prescription glasses) and Kevlar sleeves, which protect your arms during the experience.

Q. Do you have customer toilets and changing facilities?

A. No. Our toilets are situated next to the acid plant so we are unable to let customers use them for healthy and safety reasons. However, there are public toilets across the car park at Booths supermarket.

Q. Where do the experiences take place?

A. Our experiences are all run from our factory site in Ulverston. They run on our factory floor right next to our glassblowers. This means that in the summer months it can be hot and quite noisy.

Q. Do I need to be able to speak fluent English?

A. No but a basic understanding is necessary, if someone in your group does not speak any English you will have to act as translator. Each person taking part MUST be aware of the danger points during the experience.

Q. What if I answer Yes to one of the questions on the Health and Safety Questionnaire?

A. In most cases this will not affect your experience. We ask these questions so we are aware of anything that may affect your safety during the experience, for example, if you have mobility issues, we can adjust the way the experience runs to accommodate you but we need to be aware before starting.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

A. We recommend bringing a bottle of water, as the factory floor can be very hot and you can easily become dehydrated during your experience, especially if you are on the factory floor for more than half an hour. Apart from water, bring your camera so you can capture your experience.

Q. Can I take my piece of glass away with me on the day?

A. No, all glass from the experiences needs to go into our annealing oven to cool slowly overnight, this prevents the glass from cracking. Baubles can be collected the following day and all other glass from the experiences can take from 3 – 5 days as they need to be ground and polished to ensure there are no sharps bits left on the glass. We can organise postage if you are unable to come back to collect your piece.

Q. Can my family or friends come in to watch?

A. Yes, we have space for a maximum of 6 people in the experiences area at any one time, any additional people can watch from our viewing area.

Q. How hot will it be?

A. The factory floor can vary in temperature depending on the time of year, in the winter it is lovely and cosy, during the summer it can be very hot. The equipment we work with all runs at over 1150°c but your contact with it will be minimal.

Q. How old do you have to be to take part?

A. The age range varies depending on the experience:

Baubles: 8 years and over

Paperweights: 13 years and over

All other Experiences: 16 years and over.

Q. Do I get any help during the experience?

A. Yes, each participant will be closely supervised and constantly guided during their turn. It takes approximately 5 years to learn the basics of glass blowing so we do not expect any member of the public to be a pro. Our experiences are just that, an experience for our customers in which they produce something they can treasure forever.

If you have a question that we have not already answered please email our Experiences Coordinator Clare or our retail team on info@cumbriacrystal.com or call us on 01229 584400.