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Our top 3 alcohol-free beverages

As one of the makers of the finest luxury, handcrafted crystal in the world we know that our pieces are often purchased to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in.

Being mindful of Dry January and promoting balance in our lives we wanted to highlight our top three alcohol-free drinks. Whether you are abstaining from alcohol just throughout January, for much longer or you simply want an alternative to reach to on occasion; here are our recommendations.

Number one It isn’t quite tropical weather in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment but who says we can’t bring paradise into our homes along with obligatory Margeritas!

Mokingbird Spirit is an alcohol free, tequila inspired, agave based spirit founded in the UK by Fern McCoy and also contains ashwaganda which is an adaptogen that helps with stress and anxiety.

Here is their delicious Passion Fruit Margarita recipe which is perfectly served in our Boogie Woogie Coupe Glass.

Taste notes

Whilst delicious consumed as the bottle suggests (spirit, lime, soda) our personal favourite way to drink was two ice cubes, 50ml spirit and a squeeze of lime, right after dinner.

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Number two We drink alcohol for many different reasons, and when we take a break from drinking we sometimes miss the “feeling” alcohol gives us. Let us introduce you to Three Spirits; alcohol alternatives that are booze free but with the buzz.

They say “Our drinks combine plants used for centuries in ceremonies and potions to stimulate the palate, mind and body.” Explore the three types that they offer and the abundance of mocktails you can create with them

Taste notes

We have completely fallen for their Fierce Spritz recipe (Livener, pink grapefruit, kombucha) which holds itself beautifully in our Palm Large Wine Glass.

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Number three This superior unfiltered lager is simply one of the best on the market. With its distinctive branding, it was created after founder Luke Boase spent one year of studying alcohol-free beer in Germany

It is the one that if you were served accidently in place of a regular indie lager – you wouldn’t know it was only 0.5%. Poured perfectly into our Loop Large Highball.

Taste notes

While it has a look of creaminess akin to an pale ale, do not be fooled. This is a true lager which we genuinely believe could replace your regular 4.5% pint once it is safe to socialise once again.

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Officially, within the UK alcohol-free beverages are those with alcohol content of 0.0%. Drinks that are 0.5% are within the low alcohol category but deemed by most as alcohol free.

All the above companies kindly gifted samples so we were able to authentically recommend to our readers.

If you would like more information regarding Dry January, visit the Alcohol Change UK website.

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