Cumbria Crystal x Hamilton & Inches collaboration

Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh have been crafting and selling exceptional items of jewellery and hallmarked silverware since 1866. Founded by Robert Kirk Inches and his uncle, James Hamilton, the business has held the accolade of silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen for over 120 years, first being recognised with their Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria for their quality craftsmanship.

Located in the heart of the city, the company are known for their silver creations, crafting trophies, ceremonial pieces and more, most recently partnering with Cumbria Crystal to create a series of sterling silver decanter stoppers and developing the exclusive H&I Thistle Cut Crystal collection. We are both associated with quality craftsmanship, championing ancient crafts and offering the highest of customer service to our valued clients.

Read more about this esteemed partnership in our recent conversation with Hamilton & Inches CEO, Victoria Houghton.

Maintenance tip Contrary to what people may assume, rubbing the silver will do more harm than good, as it will actually scratch it rather than polish it. Our recommendation is to submerge the whole stopper in Goddard’s Hotel Silver Dip, then wash it with Fairy Liquid and make sure it has dried off. Please wear gloves with the dip as it is unkind to your hands. Please do not rub the polished bottom half of the stopper, but pat dry, so as not to scratch it. It is very important that it is thoroughly dry, as any moisture will tarnish the silver. The silver should be polished with a lint-free cloth but do provide a professional cleaning and polishing service, if that is preferred by the customer.