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Return, Repair, Recycle and Replace

At Cumbria Crystal, we pride ourselves on making some of the best crystal in the word & delivering the best possible support to our customers. We also care about the environment and being as sustainable as possible. However, being a traditional manufacturer, using ancient techniques, can make this a challenge.

In an effort to address this, and improve support to our customers, we are introducing a new initiative called Return, Repair, Recycle and Replace.

Customers tell us that the fear of breakage is one of the primary reasons they do not use their crystal more frequently.  Since accidents do occasionally happen, and crystal can be chipped or damaged beyond repair, we hope our new initiative will help alleviate this concern.

Generally, most people do not wish to put broken crystal into regular recycling as they are attached to their crystal, the memories surrounding it and wish for it to be used for something special, rather than being recycled through normal bottle recycling facilities. Whilst glass is one of the materials which can be infinitely recycled, lead crystal cannot be mixed with the cheap soda glass used in the glass recycled in bottle banks, so will end up in landfill.

What is the service?

Return & Recycle. Return your crystal to us and we will melt it down and recycle it in our Glass Blowing Experiences furnace. It will then be used to make a beautiful glass bauble or handmade vase, allowing your crystal to live on in the form of a new product, and a powerful memory of this amazing creative experience.

Repair. If your crystal becomes chipped on the rim we will assess whether or not it is possible to repair it and assist you in avoiding the need to replace the product. Initially we will request you send a photo of the damaged product to  We will then advise whether we believe it is possible to repair. This service starts at £20. T&C’s apply.

Replace. If your crystal is beyond repair, you will be offered a 10% discount on a like-for-like replacement Premium Quality product.

As long as the product you return was made by Cumbria Crystal we can endeavour to repair it and you will be eligible for a 10% discount. It does not matter how old the item is, whether it was/is Factory Outlet or a Premium Quality product, or whether or not you have the receipt; as long as it is a piece of Cumbria Crystal we will accept it.

If you have any questions regarding our new service, feel free to email us on and we look forward to helping both our customers and the environment further in the future.

Glass and sustainability

  • Glass is 100% recyclable and made entirely from natural materials, it’s non-toxic, naturally protective — and does not harm the ocean.
  • It’s 100% endlessly recyclable, which means that recycled glass is always part of the recipe for glass as long as it is not contaminated.
  • Every tonne of recycled glass saves 670 Kgs of CO2.
  • Glass can be recycled indefinitely and not lose its quality.
  • Recycled glass, also called cullet, requires 40% less energy to melt than from the raw materials.

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*Please note, we may advise that your item is repairable and then on closer inspection it may not be. You will then have the option to purchase a replacement Premium Quality item with a 10% discount or cover return postage for us to return it to you. Liability for postage costs and/or transit breakage remains with the customer.

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