Boogie Woogie Large Highball

GBP, £90.00

Boogie Woogie Large Highball Glass – BT-104-BO


Boogie Woogie Large Highball Glass – BT-104-BO

While researching into ideas for a new crystal cut, designer Peter Ting found inspiration in Piet Mondrian’s Composition 10: Pier and Ocean;1915 ,where verticals and horizontals build up a rhythmic shimmer effect of light. Inspired by his great passion of Jazz music, Mondrian continued his love of the vertical and horizontal rhythm and named his penultimate painting Broadway Boogie Woogie; 1942-43.

Inspired by the work of a great artist and a great musical genre, BOOGIE-WOOGIE delivers a sparkling melange of vertical and horizontal cuts, dancing across the surface of this barware collection.


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