Paperweight Experience

This product is booked in 30 minute slots per person, and can only be purchased and time allocated one booking at a time, if booking for a group please add your bookings to your cart one at a time.

Please type in all the names of the participants in the notes section of the check out so we are able to prepare your labels before the experience.


Glass Blowing Experiences.

A rare, educational & fun opportunity to not only watch artisans at work but to actually experience the alchemy of glass-blowing first hand in one of the last working crystal factories in England.

Suitable for 13+ years.

Experiences may be booked in advance or, if you are feeling lucky may be available on a ‘drop-in’ basis’ on the the day of your visit. Paperweight experiences will run between 9.00 to 12.30 Monday – Saturday, 10.00 – 12.30 on Sunday and last about 30 minutes per person.

Your instructor will initially demonstrate the processes involved in making a paperweight. You will select a range of coloured glass granules to add to the molten glass and then heat and shape the glass into an oval or round solid glass paperweight using wet newspaper pad or wooden blocks. You will be shown how to use a variety of glass-makers tools to create unique patterns in the colour. If you wish to include decorative air bubbles you will be shown the secret to achieving this. Metal jacks are then used to finish the shape and prepare the glass for removal from the iron.

Paperweights take 2-3 days to finish after your experience as they take 24 hours to cool and our craftsmen grind the bases so they sit flat.

Paperweight experience cost – £45 per person,

Paperweights will be cooled & ready for collection 3 days after the event. Alternatively we can arrange postage.


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