Cumbria Crystal x Hamilton & Inches Grasmere Ships Decanter with Silver Stag Stopper

GBP, £2,325.00

Our ships decanter is a smaller version of the Captain’s decanter, used as a multipurpose decanter for spirits and fortified wines complete with this hand-crafted stag stopper, created from from sterling silver, by the silversmiths of Hamilton & Inches.


Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh have been crafting and selling exceptional items of jewellery and silverware since 1866. Founded by Robert Kirk Inches and his uncle, James Hamilton, the business has held the accolade of silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen for over 120 years, first being recognised with their Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria for their quality craftsmanship.

Located in the heart of the city, the company are known for their silver creations, crafting trophies, ceremonial pieces and more, most recently partnering with Cumbria Crystal to create a series of sterling silver decanter stoppers and developing the exclusive H&I Thistle Cut Crystal collection. The two brands are associated with quality craftsmanship, championing ancient crafts and offering the highest of customer service to their valued clients.

The H&I Silversmiths

Based above the showroom at 87 George Street, the Hamilton & Inches award winning artisans are a beautiful blend of masters and apprentices, a group who, when put to task, create pieces of magic. They are incredibly diverse in age, in culture, in inspiration and technique but one thing unites them; they have crafted some of the finest pieces of silverware in the world. Each hand-crafted bottle top that sits atop an exceptional Cumbria Crystal Decanter, takes over six hours to chase, solder and polish – the result a showstopping stopper designed to be on display all year round.

The Hamilton & Inches Silversmiths have over 57 years of experience between them, having crafted magical items for a celebrity author, jewellery for an international man of mystery and cherished pieces for a racing superstar. They have created candelabras and quaichs and tumble cups and dinosaurs; each with their own unique style, all with absolute devotion.

As a customer of Cumbria Crystal, you are warmly invited to visit the recently renovated workshops in central Edinburgh. Simply contact the team to gain an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at life at H&I.

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