A Pair of Six VI Champagne Coupes (Factory Outlet Stock) | New Year Promotion – SW-043-S62-FO-ProJan22

GBP, £125.00

A pair of classic champagne coupes.

Inspired by countless dinners with friends, all vying to select a favourite design, Katy Holford created Six. This collection cleverly utilises six different contemporary and traditional cuts on bold modern forms. An elegant solution to the problem.

RRP £185 (2 x premium quality coupes).

In stock (whilst stocks last) and ready to pick, polish, pack and post directly to you. Items are sent in a plain white box, however you can add a presentation box to your order (please see item listed below).

In stock


Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of our products do not pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assessed as Premium Quality. These are classified as ‘Slightly Imperfect’ or ‘Second Quality‘. ‘Slightly Imperfect’ products may have minor flaws such as small bubbles, stones, slight discolourisation or subtle variations in size or weight. Customers for whom compromise is not an option should consider the Premium Quality.

Please note, the name of this collection is SIX as each product is available in a choice of one of six cut patterns. Products are priced individually & not as a set of six. If you are after a ‘set of six’ glasses, then we suggest looking at the relevant section as the individual product price is lower.

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