Windermere Small Wine (Factory Outlet Stock)

GBP, £63.00

An elegant small wine glass suitable for both white wine and dessert wines – SW-034-WI-FO

Compared to other luxury crystal companies most of Cumbria Crystal’s collections are extremely large with many pieces only occasionally purchased. The piece you are looking at falls into this category. Whilst we are dedicated to offering as much choice as possible it is increasingly important we focus our finite resources on the creation of our most popular products.  As such this product has reluctantly been taken out of normal production. Recognising that some customers will want this product it has been categorised as a “Special Order” product.
This means it remains available subject to the following: a minimum number must be ordered; a one off set-up fee will be charged to cover the loss of production during re-tooling; it will be specially made for you and depending on how busy the factory is lead times may be several weeks to months.
Please contact us at info@cumbriacrystal or call +44 (0)1229 584 400 for details.


Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of our products do not pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assessed as Premium Quality. These are classified as ‘Slightly Imperfect’ or ‘Second Quality‘. ‘Slightly Imperfect’ products may have minor flaws such as small bubbles, stones, slight discolourisation or subtle variations in size or weight. Customers for whom compromise is not an option should consider the Premium Quality.

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