James Devins


James joined Cumbria Crystal in 2021, relocating to the English Lake District from the USA.

He grew up in the small town of Quechee, Vermont in the United States and at the age of 20 started as an apprentice in a production glass factory called Simon Pearce. Here he started his glass production education learning how to blow and manufacture hot glass. He spent the next ten years refining his craft, blowing into moulds and developing hand-finishing skills.

James eventually moved to Little River Hot Glass, a small glass blowing studio where he spent the next couple of years learning to work with coloured glass and how to free-form items without the assistance of moulds.

In his free time James enjoys hiking, camping & being outdoors so he is well located to begin his exploration of the Lake District. He has a deep love of music with a collection of quite a few different instruments. He enjoys puzzles and has a passion for history. James’ father was a chef, so he grew up in a house with a wide variety of cuisine and developed a passion for cooking. His mother and grandfather were both carpenters which may be where his love for the crafts and arts originated.


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