Karen Hayes

Karen has worked with Cumbria Crystal for a number of years & proven herself to be a flexible and dedicated team member. She has assisted with a number of roles including packaging and dispatch; processing glass after blowing in preparation for acid polishing.

Karen has recently started an apprenticeship with Hilary our glass marker and is now learning how to prepare the glass for our glass cutters to cut on diamond lathes. This involves identifying any imperfections in the glass that a specific design may remove & hand-marking marking each glass with the guidelines our cutters need to apply the decorative cutting. With so many different products learning how to accurately translate each design onto the crystal is quite an achievement. Without care and attention at this stage the precision, quality and production yields we aspire to will be compromised.

Cumbria Crystal is the only place in the country whether it is possible to design and cut you’re your own crystal. Ask about our one-day course in marking up and cutting crystal in the Factory Shop.


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