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Cumbria Crystal Supports the Tour of Britain 2016

tour of briatina

The most famous cyclists from across the world will gather in Glasgow to kick-off the Tour of Britain this Sunday. Mark Cavendish, André Griepel, Rohan Dennis and many more cyclists across twenty teams, will embark upon the eight stage race. The tour will end with a thrilling climax in the heart of central London.

Cumbrian Connection

This years’ race has more than just a hint of Cumbrian tradition attached to it. Not only will the county host the second stage of the race, from Carlisle to Kendal but Cumbria Crystal has been chosen to supply the winner’s trophy. The hand-crafted glass bowl will be awarded to the winner after the final stage on Sunday the 11th of September.

A Message from Managing Director Chris Blade

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the Tour of Britain. Glassmakers, like cyclists, train for years to develop the skills and stamina required to perform optimally and this trophy is a magnificent example of the skills, dedication and artistry our artisans possess. Each piece of crystal passes through the hands of at least seven craftsmen and women and takes between 10-14 days to complete.

It is appropriate that the trophy – crafted through sweat, endurance, heat and energy will mirror the achievements and efforts of the competitors. We hope winner will see the trophy not just as a symbol of recognition for their heroic efforts, but as a lasting testament to the dedication required to becoming the best, whether in the arena of sports or the arts”

We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing all the cyclists and teams the very best of luck. We certainly can’t wait to see the race get started!

Please be sure to follow @TourofBritain on Twitter or use the hashtag @tob2016 for all the latest race updates.

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