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15th Anniversary Gift - Crystal

Around the world, couples celebrate their 15th anniversary with the material of crystal. 

We have collated a collection of our champagne glasses perfect for this occasion.

At Cumbria Crystal, we also offer bespoke engraving, and glasses perfect for whisky, gin and wine.

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Grasmere Champagne coupe.Grasmere Champagne coupe
Grasmere Champagne coupe Sale price£140.00
Two Crystal glasses cut Grasmere Tall Champagne Flutes.A Pair Of Grasmere Tall Champagne Flutes
A Pair Of Grasmere Vintage Champagne Flutes.A Pair Of Grasmere Vintage Champagne Flutes
Grasmere Vintage Champagne.Grasmere Vintage Champagne.
Grasmere Vintage Champagne Sale price£140.00
Grasmere Tall Champagne Flute.Grasmere - Tall Champagne Flute
Sovereign Champagne CoupeSovereign Champagne Coupe
Sovereign Champagne Coupe Sale price£135.00
Sabre Tall Champagne.Sabre Tall Champagne.
Sabre Tall Champagne Sale price£135.00
Boogie Woogie Champagne CoupeBoogie Woogie Champagne Coupe
Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe
Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe Sale price£145.00
Clear & Grey - Champagne FluteClear & Grey - Champagne Flute
Clear & Grey - Champagne CoupeClear & Grey - Champagne Coupe
Loop - Champagne FluteLoop - Champagne Flute
Loop - Champagne Flute Sale price£135.00