Cumbria Crystal Partnerships

At Cumbria Crystal we work in partnership with the many of the world’s luxury and designer brands so that they can include the very best luxury crystal in their collections. Our traditional methods of hand blowing and hand cutting English lead crystal and our exceptional quality gives our clients the provenance suited to the luxury nature of their brands. 

Bentley Cumbria Crystal
Bentley Motors​​
Hamilton and Inches cumbria crystal
Hamilton and I​​nches
Glancy Fawcett Cumbria Crystal
Glancy Fawcett ​​
John Walker Sons Cumbria Crystal
John Walker and ​​Sons
Thameen Cumbria Crystal
David Linley Cumbria Crystal
David Linley​​
Lee Broom Cumbria Crystal
Lee Broom​​
Glyndebourne Cumbria Crystal

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