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New Products

the challenging trading and manufacturing pressures of 2022/23 sadly saw us have to discontinue a number of products from our older collections, or change availability to make them available as 'special order' items.

However, a selection of new products (by collection) have been introduced, some of which are illustrated below.

If you see a design you like refer to the full collection as there will be a greater selection of products to browse.

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32 products

Christmas 2023 Crystal Bauble - Limited Edition Collection (50 available)
Grasmere - Cocktail ShakerGrasmere - Cocktail Shaker
Grasmere - Cocktail Shaker Sale price$828.608,00
Sovereign - Cocktail ShakerSovereign - Cocktail Shaker
Sovereign - Cocktail Shaker Sale price$828.608,00
Sovereign Martini GlassSovereign Martini Glass
Sovereign Martini Glass Sale price$233.517,00
Sovereign Jumbo TumblerSovereign Jumbo Tumbler
Sovereign Jumbo Tumbler Sale price$210.919,00
Sovereign Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8ozSovereign Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8oz
Sovereign Gin GlassSovereign Gin Glass
Sovereign Gin Glass Sale price$248.583,00
Sovereign Wine GobletSovereign Wine Goblet
Sovereign Wine Goblet Sale price$210.919,00
Sovereign Ice Bucket
Sovereign Ice Bucket Sale price$293.779,00
Sovereign Large BowlSovereign Large Bowl
Sovereign Large Bowl Sale price$549.894,00
Boogie Woogie - Cocktail ShakerBoogie Woogie - Cocktail Shaker
Boogie Woogie - Cocktail Shaker Sale price$828.608,00
Boogie Woogie - Gin GlassBoogie Woogie - Gin Glass
Boogie Woogie - Gin Glass Sale price$248.583,00