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Optical Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

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Optical Microfibre Cleaning Cloth: SE-MFC

Now you have invested in some of the world's best hand-made crystal it is worth considering how to keep it looking at its very best year-on-year. These Cumbria Crystal branded microfibre cloths are made using some of the highest quality material possible and are te best way to maintain that luxury sparkle. The unique formulation of our microfibre cloth greatly exceeds that of conventional cloths enabling grease, dirt and moisture to be removed with ease.

Commissioned from a UK manufacturer specialising in optical quality microfibre, this  large cloth (48 x 60 cm - 19”x24”) was created especially for Cumbria Crystal. Make it part of your crystal care regime and continue to enjoy sparkling crystal for years to come.

This product comes with Crystal Care instructions and instructions on cleaning the cloth to preserve its life.

48cm x 40cm (19”x24”)

What makes microfibre superior to other materials?
• Microfibre is especially good at absorbing grease, so removes fingerprints with ease.
• Unlike other fabrics it is so soft it cannot scratch your crystal.
• It leaves no lint or dust.
• A fibre is generally considered a microfibre if it is one denier or less.
• Each fibre in our microfibre is 0.1 decitex (1 decitex = 9/10ths of 1 denier) leaving it exceptionally soft and flexible. One denier is equivalent to 1g in weight per 9000 meters, or the same as a single strand of silk.
• Each fibre has a diameter of less than 10 micrometres.
• Microfibre has a base fabric woven from a polyester/nylon (composite) yarn.
• Only in the highest quality microfibre fabrics, for cleaning applications, is the fabric treated to split the fibres. A cross section of split microfiber under high magnification looks like an asterisk. This results in a much larger surface area and superior cleaning properties
• A special shrinking process is then used to create a finish which makes the fabric structure up to 40 percent denser than the original size still further improving the particle removal qualities.
• This unparalleled cloth is perfect for cleaning crystal and glass. Its specialist qualities mean it is used for sensitive applications such as laboratory clean rooms; optical lens care; diamond cleaning and cleaning of other materials with complex surfaces.
• The hydrophilic properties of nylon (the capillary tube effect) and the highly dense fabric structure result in the cloth having impressively high absorbency.
Conventional Microfibre
Cloth Cloth
Wash at 40°c without fabric conditioner.

Caring for your crystal guide

35 g

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Optical Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.
Optical Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Sale price$24.973,00