Windermere Wine Goblet (The Outlet)


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An elegant water and wine Goblet, this is the most popular stemmed glass in the Windermere collection: SW-032-WI-FO

Traditionally used for Claret or Red Wine, but may also be used for White Wine for thioe who prefer larger glasses. In which case this glass pairs well with the slightly larger Goblet (SW-032-WI) which may also be used for water.

This contemporary classic design is achieved using a traditional two-stage hand-cutting process of roughing, and smoothing using a sandstone wheel. The technique, rarely used today, achieves an sharpness and quality of finish that cannot be replicated by machine. The simplest cuts are often the most impressive as they require absolute precision & exceptional quality crystal.

This product is suitable for engraving

H:20.5cm; Ø7.5cm; 350ml

Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of our products do not meet our standards to pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assesed as Premium Quality. These are classified as Slightly Imperfect or Outlet Quality. Slightly Imperfect products will have minor inconsistencies such as small bubbles, stones, slight discoloration, or subtle variations in size or weight. Customers for whom compromise is not an option should consider our Premium Quality alternative.

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