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The Cumbria Crystal Sovereign Collection

The Sovereign Collection was launched in Spring 2023, commemorating the Coronation of King Charles III to the throne. As you would expect from a crystalware range with roots in royalty, each piece is an example of exquisite craft and attention to detail.

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Sovereign - Cocktail ShakerSovereign - Cocktail Shaker
Sovereign - Cocktail Shaker Sale price$1,868.00
Sovereign Jumbo TumblerSovereign Jumbo Tumbler
Sovereign Jumbo Tumbler Sale price$476.00
Sovereign Martini GlassSovereign Martini Glass
Sovereign Martini Glass Sale price$527.00
Sovereign Gin GlassSovereign Gin Glass
Sovereign Gin Glass Sale price$561.00
Sovereign Wine GobletSovereign Wine Goblet
Sovereign Wine Goblet Sale price$476.00
Sovereign Champagne CoupeSovereign Champagne Coupe
Sovereign Champagne Coupe Sale price$459.00
Sovereign Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8ozSovereign Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8oz
Sovereign Large BowlSovereign Large Bowl
Sovereign Large Bowl Sale price$1,240.00
Sovereign Ice Bucket
Sovereign Ice Bucket Sale price$663.00
Celebrate the reign of a new monarch with the Sovereign Collection.

Cumbria Crystal welcomes King Charles III to the throne with a stunning new range of glassware that can be enjoyed for all occasions and cherished for years to come.

Our experienced artisan craftspeople sought to create a collection that gives subtle nods to this crystalware’s inspiration. Rather than adorning each glass with royal emblems, they have designed non-geometric patterns (a first for Cumbria Crystal) with intertwining flowers and natural nuances that honour our King’s love for nature.


Each design in our Sovereign Collection is intricate and unique.

Master Cutter Jitka Wilcox used the Coronation Emblem as her inspiration before meticulously cutting an organic, floral theme into the crystal. A real labour of love, each creation will differ slightly, making your purchase something truly unique.

Whether that is a champagne glass, cocktail glass, gin glass, whisky tumbler or crystal bowl, you will find your eyes transfixed on the stunning Sovereign design with each and every sip.