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The Perfect Gift: Crystalware from Cumbria Crystal's Collection

The Perfect Gift: Crystalware from Cumbria Crystal's Collection

Crystalware has long been a go-to for gifters seeking stunning, sentimental gift ideas. With its delicate design, captivating sparkle and intricate detail, crystal glassware is something that will be appreciated and cherished for years to come; what more could you want from a gift to a loved one? 

Cumbria Crystal offers a fabulous range of collections dreamed up and realised by our experienced artisans, giving gifters and crystal lovers everywhere the opportunity to own something extraordinary, with the option to use our Bespoke Engraving Service to make it extra special.

With this said, our talented team are the best people to ask precisely why our personalised crystal makes the perfect gift and who will appreciate our collections. 

The ideal audience for our Cumbria Crystal collections. 

Though our crystal barware is beautiful enough to be appreciated and loved by everyone, the setting of our UK business, our fantastic heritage, and the exciting exposure that the quality of our crystalware has achieved make Cumbria Crystal stand out. 

Lovers of the Lakes.

Whether your recipient resides in our beautiful part of the world, frequently visits or has special memories linked to the Lake District, Cumbria Crystal’s home is honoured in many of our breathtaking collections. 

Gift the Grasmere, Helvellyn, or Windermere ranges to instantly transport the giftee back to special locations and unlock treasured memories; from lakeside retreats to lofty peaks, we’ve captured the natural wonder of The Lakes in each carefully crafted collection. 

Fans of television and cinema.

Who would not want to own a unique piece from their favourite film or show? At Cumbria Crystal, you can gift the cinephile or television lover in your life a treasured gift that has graced both the silver and small screen. 

Whether they would prefer to display our beautiful crystal in their collection or step into the shoes of their favourite character, you will find many of our ranges featured in blockbuster productions such as numerous James Bond films, Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, The Crown and many more. 

Discover more about Cumbria Crystal’s leading roles on our As Seen on Screen page. 

Crystal collectors. 

If you know a keen collector of fine crystal or somebody looking to begin their crystal collecting journey, the best place to start is here. 

Cumbria Crystal is home to unique pieces of exceptional quality, all handcrafted from our Lake District home by a passionate team of experienced, talented artisans. Those who appreciate and seek flawless clarity and meticulous detailing are sure to find something truly original and outstanding within our many collections

Select pieces also come with a luxury, branded presentation box, so the latest addition to your budding collection (or the ideal gift for celebrating a 15th anniversary) will be kept in perfect condition for years to come. 

Why does crystalware make a great gift? 

  • It combines beauty and practicality. 

Not only is our crystalware stunning to behold, but (should you wish to use it that way) it is also practical and useful. 

Our craftspeople consider every element when designing each collection, ensuring that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also an effortless joy to use. 

Whether that is the delicate stems of our champagne flutes and coupes or the reassuring weight of our crystal whisky glasses, we make sure that each sip is an enjoyable occasion. 

  • There is a design for every taste.

Whether the giftee is a wine lover or a gin drinker, you will discover a diverse range of designs spanning crystal stemware, crystal gin glasses, cocktail glasses and more. 

Whatever their favourite tipple, Cumbria Crystal has something for everyone, taking influences from traditional designs, Art Deco inspiration and the contemporary to produce an all-encompassing selection of crystalware to slot into any collection.

  • Love it, then pass it down.

The beautiful thing about crystalware is that it is designed to last – and made to be cherished. 

Crystalware will retain its value over time, and when properly cared for and cleaned, it can be passed down from generation to generation, becoming a treasured family heirloom or even a valuable collector piece. 

However people choose to love it, investing in pieces from Cumbria Crystal can instantly evoke special memories or improve the fortunes of the receiver.

If you have spotted the perfect piece for that special someone, don’t forget to head from our Shop to our Bespoke Engraving page for personalised crystal gifts. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

Email: | Tel: +44 (0)1229 584400

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