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About The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal

Welcome to the relaunch of our range of outlet stock with The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal.

A place where you will find our crystal for a fraction of the normal retail price, with savings ranging between 45% - 80%.

The story

On the outskirts of the market town of Ulverston, you will find our small factory where furnaces roar, diamond wheels cut, and luxury crystal is checked, with the upmost precision, to ensure it meets the standard expected of our very best crystal.

With each, individual, piece of crystal, our artisans aim to handcraft it to an exceptional level; and amazingly around 50% of the time, they do.

To reach the quality standards we expect for our regular collections, a team of 12 talented craftspeople must work together and beautifully choreograph their individual roles; raking, blowing, cutting, polishing and engraving.

The beauty of crafting exclusively by hand, is that each individual item is very slightly unique, the downside is that we create many items of crystal which do not quite reach our exceptional standards and find themselves in the newly launched The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal.

Over the past few years, we have focused on firmly establishing ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of luxury, handcrafted crystal in the world and, with this, placed a lot of energy and resource into our made-to-order (standard) collections.

However, because outlet stock is a natural biproduct when we attempt to craft our standard collections, we have accumulated stock for The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal and have now amassed thousands of items of handcrafted crystal. Some are from existing collections, some from discontinued collections and some excess stock from bespoke collections.

In early 2024, we plan to reconfigure our stock systems, warehouse storage spaces and significantly reduce the quantity of products we store. This means we need to find new homes for items within The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal.

This beautiful, luxury crystal is sat on shelves not being enjoyed by people like yourself, so we have decided to make it as accessible as possible by implementing exceptional, promotional prices within The Outlet at Cumbria Crystal.

This will enable many more people to enjoy the beauty of drinking from crystal glass than may otherwise be able to. From the heftiness to the sparkle and the everlasting echo when cheers is created; our crystal is crafted to be enjoyed and celebrated around the world.