Make every moment sparkle with our crystal champagne glasses. 

Discover our lavish selection of crystal champagne flute glasses, perfect for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Each champagne glass is exquisite in craft and an impeccable accompaniment for toasting with loved ones. 

For a fragrant sparkling wine, mimosa or champagne cocktail, we recommend employing vintage French coupe glasses with a broad bowl form. Coupe glasses combine a lighter wall and thinner stem to achieve intricate detailing, creating a stunning example of modern drinkware that elevates an everyday occasion into a celebration.

Our unique crystal champagne flutes also make the perfect present for newlyweds., Hand-crafted especially for them; this magnificent gift comes complete with literature on the heritage of Cumbria Crystal and our inspirational surroundings. To make your gift extra special, why not take advantage of our bespoke engraving service

Cumbria Crystal’s delightful range of crystalware

Our crystal champagne glasses are unmatched when it comes to passion and attention to detail. Each piece requires a minimum of ten days of careful artisanal crafting. To maintain your crystalware for years to come, read our comprehensive guide on aftercare and keep the sparkle in your drinkware.

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