Add a little sparkle to your barware with the Starburst Collection.

If you are searching for glassware that catches the eye, the Starburst Collection is the perfect option. Our experienced team of artisans have over 80 years of combined experience, and their skillset and expertise are apparent across each of our crystal lamps, whisky glasses and stemware.

Every piece features an intricately hand-cut diamond lathe, resulting in our distinctive starburst design, with no two identical pieces. Created with the finest materials to ensure the most transparent, high-quality lead crystal, all of our barware is made in the UK from our small Lakes-based factory. 

The perfect winter warmer.

The handcrafted luxury and aesthetics of the Starburst range can, of course, be enjoyed year-round. Still, we find this collection creates a special magic that comes to life around the Christmas period, whether cradling a comforting mulled wine or enjoying a freshly unwrapped whisky.

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