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Loop (The Outlet)

Inspired by ‘the machine is beautiful’ aesthetic, designer Jessamy Kelly infused the LOOP barware collection with a robust industrial elegance, where the maxim ‘form follows function’ rings true. Fresh in outlook, the optical clarity of LOOP, plus the precise, accurate and detailed crystal carving by the artisans at Cumbria Crystal is truly breathtaking. A must have design classic.

Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that some of our products do not achieve the rigorous quality standards we demand to be graded within our standard collections. The Outlet products have one or more minor variations to our gold standard. These are made with exactly the same love and care, but are only available when we have them in stock as they are not made to order. If you don't see something you want please check again in a few weeks, as we may have crafted more, or consider shopping from the standard collection.

For many customers compromise is not an option. In this case, look at our standard Loop collection for made for you orders.

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Save ден 9,600.00Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet)
Loop - Cocktail Shaker (The Outlet) Sale priceден 43,200.00 Regular priceден 52,800.00
Save ден 6,300.00Loop Martini (Factory Outlet Stock).Loop Martini (Factory Outlet Stock).
Loop - Martini Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceден 8,600.00 Regular priceден 14,900.00
Save ден 6,700.00Loop - Champagne Flute (The Outlet)Loop - Champagne Flute (The Outlet)
Loop - Champagne Flute (The Outlet) Sale priceден 6,300.00 Regular priceден 13,000.00
Save ден 4,800.00Loop - Wine Goblet (The Outlet)
Loop - Wine Goblet (The Outlet) Sale priceден 7,700.00 Regular priceден 12,500.00
Save ден 14,400.00Loop - Wine Decanter (The Outlet)Loop - Wine Decanter (The Outlet)
Loop - Wine Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceден 31,200.00 Regular priceден 45,600.00
Sold outSave ден 4,800.00Loop - Curved Tumbler (The Outlet)Loop - Curved Tumbler (The Outlet)
Loop - Curved Tumbler (The Outlet) Sale priceден 7,200.00 Regular priceден 12,000.00
Loop Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 12oz (Factory Outlet Stock).Loop - Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 12oz (The Outlet)
Save ден 4,300.00Loop Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz (Factory Outlet).Loop Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz (Factory Outlet).
Loop - Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz (The Outlet) Sale priceден 5,800.00 Regular priceден 10,100.00
Sold outSave ден 16,300.00Loop Spirit Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).Loop - Spirit Decanter (The Outlet)
Loop - Spirit Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceден 24,500.00 Regular priceден 40,800.00
Loop Large Highball (Factory Outlet Stock).
Loop - Large Highball (The Outlet) Sale priceден 6,700.00
Save ден 7,600.00Loop Ice Cooler (Factory Outlet Stock).
Loop - Ice Cooler (The Outlet) Sale priceден 11,100.00 Regular priceден 18,700.00