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Wine Glasses

Invest in a set of wine glasses that are a pleasure to use, whether hosting drinks and dinner parties or enjoying informal occasions. Cumbria Crystal uses a variety of traditional and modern shapes in its crystalware to embellish your dining table. Delicate crystal wine glasses are created to emphasise the flavours of specific wines. Crisp rims and intricately designed and cut bowls allow you to capture every nuance of your favourite wine. Many more products supplement these collections - decanters, tumblers, highballs, vases, jugs, to name a few.

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Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet.Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet
Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet Sale priceRM1,200.00 MYR
Grasmere Large Goblet.Grasmere Large Goblet
Grasmere Large Goblet Sale priceRM985.00 MYR
Grasmere Goblet.
Grasmere Goblet Sale priceRM950.00 MYR
Grasmere Large Wine.Grasmere Large Wine
Grasmere Large Wine Sale priceRM920.00 MYR
Grasmere Port/Sherry.Grasmere Port/Sherry
Grasmere Port/Sherry Sale priceRM885.00 MYR
Helvellyn Cumbria Baluster.
Helvellyn Cumbria Baluster Sale priceRM1,200.00 MYR
Helvellyn Goblet Wine GlassHelvellyn Goblet Wine Glass
Helvellyn Goblet Wine Glass Sale priceRM950.00 MYR
Helvellyn Large WineHelvellyn Large Wine
Helvellyn Large Wine Sale priceRM920.00 MYR
Helvellyn Sherry / Port: (Special Order Item) - Set of Six GlassesHelvellyn Sherry / Port: (Special Order Item) - Set of Six Glasses
Sovereign Wine GobletSovereign Wine Goblet
Sovereign Wine Goblet Sale priceRM950.00 MYR
Boogie Woogie GobletBoogie Woogie Goblet
Boogie Woogie Goblet Sale priceRM920.00 MYR
Boogie Woogie - Large Wine GlassBoogie Woogie - Large Wine Glass
Boogie Woogie - Large Wine Glass Sale priceRM885.00 MYR

Shop our range of elegant stemware.

Our vintage Grasmere collection is crafted in a traditional Georgian style in 1976 by Lady Grania Cavendish, one of the organisation's initial founders.

As seen in the popular drama Downton Abbey, it uses seven wheels to accomplish its labour-intensive and intricate design by combining flute, mitre, diamond, and olive cuts. 

The collection boasts four beautiful designs to resonate with your tastes and needs. Whether a large goblet for rich red wine, a small wine glass for dessert wine or the popular Baluster Goblet - the perfect dinner party statement due to its impressive and intricate design. Each design is distinctive in style and lovingly crafted with the expertise of our artisanal glass blowers.

Give the gift of Cumbrian crystalware.

An exquisite set of crystal wine glass is an excellent gift for a special occasion.

Our sizeable Grasmere wine glasses and crystal decanters come with complimentary luxury presentation boxes and can be engraved, or gilded with a hand-crafted 24-carat gold leaf creating the gift of a lifetime.