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Decanters (The Outlet)

Cumbria Crystal is home to a stunning collection of crystal decanters, carefully crafted by our experienced artisanal experts to showcase your favourite wine or spirit to its full potential while perfectly complementing your favourite stemware and whisky glasses.

Our Outlet crystal is made with exactly the same love and care as all our crystal, however, as it is not 'made to order', items are only visible to purchase on the website when we have them available. If you don't see something you want, please check again in a few weeks, or consider our shopping from our standard collections. Thank you.

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Save CFA227,000Grasmere Wine Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Wine Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA152,700 Regular priceCFA379,700
Save CFA176,200Grasmere Ships Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Ships Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA215,300 Regular priceCFA391,500
Save CFA176,200Manhatten - Decanter - Wine Decanter (The Outlet)Manhatten - Decanter - Wine Decanter (The Outlet)
Manhatten - Decanter - Wine Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA137,000 Regular priceCFA313,200
Save CFA125,200Regency Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet)
Regency Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA195,800 Regular priceCFA321,000
Save CFA195,800Langdale - Decanter - Liqueur Square (The Outlet)Langdale - Decanter - Liqueur Square (The Outlet)
Langdale - Decanter - Liqueur Square (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA109,600 Regular priceCFA305,400
Save CFA180,100Langdale - Mallet Decanter - Large (The Outlet)
Langdale - Mallet Decanter - Large (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA125,300 Regular priceCFA305,400
Save CFA124,500Selene - Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet)
Selene - Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA187,900 Regular priceCFA312,400
Save CFA125,200Palm Liqueur Decanter - Square (Factory Outlet Stock) Discontinued: End of Line.Palm Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet) Discontinued Stock
Palm Square Liqueur Decanter (The Outlet) Discontinued Stock Sale priceCFA195,800 Regular priceCFA321,000
Sabre Large Mallet Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).Sabre Large Mallet Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).
Save CFA133,100Sabre Wine Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).Sabre Wine Decanter (The Outlet)
Sabre Wine Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA203,600 Regular priceCFA336,700
Save CFA133,100Palm Wine Decanter (Factory Outlet Stock).Palm Wine Decanter (The Outlet)
Palm Wine Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA203,600 Regular priceCFA336,700
Save CFA215,300Helvellyn Ships Decanter (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Ships Decanter (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA176,200 Regular priceCFA391,500