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Stemware (The Outlet)

The longer days are here, the temperatures are creeping into the twenties, BBQ's are being dusted off and summer plans put in the calendar.

It is the perfect time to begin, or add to, your crystal collection ready for those summer gatherings on warm evenings. Whether you want to celebrate with bubbles, mix some delicious cocktails or simply enjoy your favourite white; we have the ideal stemware for you.

All items below are from our Outlet Stock meaning large discounts on RRP prices. They  have already been handcrafted ready to polish, pack and post to you.

What is Outlet stock?

Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that some products do not achieve the rigorous quality standards we demand to be classified as Premium Quality. Outlet Products have one or more minor variations to our gold standard. These are made with exactly the same love and car, but are only available as-and-when we have them in stock as they are not made to order. If you don't see something you want please check again in a few weeks as we may have crafted more, or consider the Premium Quality option.

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Save CFA54,800Grasmere Goblet (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Goblet (The Outlet)
Grasmere Goblet (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA54,900 Regular priceCFA109,700
Save CFA58,700Grasmere Large Wine (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Large Wine (The Outlet)
Grasmere Large Wine (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA47,000 Regular priceCFA105,700
Save CFA54,800Grasmere Tall Champagne Flute (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Tall Champagne Flute (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere - Tall Champagne Flute (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA54,900 Regular priceCFA109,700
Save CFA54,800Grasmere Vintage Champagne (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Vintage Champagne (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Vintage Champagne (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA54,900 Regular priceCFA109,700
Save CFA58,700Grasmere Gin Glass (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Gin Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA70,500 Regular priceCFA129,200
Save CFA58,700Grasmere Port/Sherry (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Port/Sherry (The Outlet)
Grasmere Port/Sherry (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA43,100 Regular priceCFA101,800
Save CFA82,200Grasmere Small Martini (Factory Outlet Stock).
Grasmere Small Martini (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA47,000 Regular priceCFA129,200
Save CFA66,600Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet (The Outlet)
Grasmere Cumbria Baluster - Goblet (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA66,600 Regular priceCFA133,200
Save CFA47,000Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe (The Outlet)
Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA66,600 Regular priceCFA113,600
Save CFA51,600Six II (Two) Gin Glass (The Outlet)
Six II (Two) Gin Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA77,600 Regular priceCFA129,200
Save CFA50,900Six IV (Four) Gin Glass (The Outlet)
Six IV (Four) Gin Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA74,400 Regular priceCFA125,300
Save CFA51,600Luna Gin Glass (Factory Outlet Stock).
Luna Gin Glass (The Outlet) Sale priceCFA77,600 Regular priceCFA129,200