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The Cumbria Crystal Windermere Collection

Lake Windermere is arguably the most famous body of water in The Lake District and also the largest lake in England, so it is only fitting that Cumbria Crystal celebrates its natural beauty and breathtaking landscape with a befitting barware collection.

The Windermere Collection comprises elegant champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, whisky glasses, and stemware, including large wine glasses and generous goblets. With our head-turning range of crystalware, you have all you need to elevate social drinks with friends or celebrate a special occasion in style.

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Explore barware that brings the calm and serenity of Lake Windermere to your collection. 

The village of Windermere sits at the southern tip of the namesake lake. It is renowned for its stunning mix of landscapes, which spans the lake itself, forests, mountainous ranges, and craggy peaks, all cut by picturesque villages cropping up amidst the postcard-perfect vistas.

With all of this considered, Cumbria Crystal’s team of artisan craftspeople did not have to look far when creating our Windermere range of glassware, which comprises a stunning mix of champagne flutes, crystal cocktail glasses, crystal whisky glasses, and stemware

You will also find an exquisite selection of jugs and crystal decanters for displaying and serving your favourite beverages, the perfect means of creating one cohesive aesthetic across your barware collection. A traditional two-stage hand-cutting process of roughing and smoothing the crystal is used across each piece. The technique, which is rarely used today and cannot be replicated by machine, achieves a sharpness and quality of finish that showcases both our artisan’s precision and exceptional quality crystal.

Windermere is Cumbria Crystal’s most simple collection, giving each piece a contemporary edge. However, this simplicity comes with its own challenges; the Windermere range is among the hardest to craft due to the precision glass-blowing stage needed to cut out any imperfections and achieve a faultless aesthetic. 


The ideal gift for lovers of The Lake District.

Windermere is a hot spot for visitors from across the country and the world. Perhaps you or some of your loved ones have holidayed or recently married in this breath-taking area? 

A piece from our collection is the perfect way to commemorate these special memories, while you can even go the extra mile and inscribe a special message with our bespoke engraving service.