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Crystal Carafes

Exude luxury with a crystal carafe. This stunning crystalware collection is the best way to invite elegance to your upcoming event, whether serving up fresh spring water, the perfect red wine accompaniment, or a refreshing Pimms. Why not make things personal? Inscribe your carafe using our engraving service and gift a piece of crystalware they will cherish for years to come.

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Grasmere Tot Jug.
Grasmere Tot Jug Sale priceCFA122,400
Grasmere Large Jug.
Grasmere Large Jug Sale priceCFA244,800
Grasmere Claret Jug.
Grasmere Claret Jug Sale priceCFA525,200
Grasmere Croft & Up - Water Carafe & Tumbler.
Windermere Large Jug
Windermere Large Jug Sale priceCFA229,500
Helvellyn Tot Jug
Helvellyn Tot Jug Sale priceCFA122,400
Helvellyn Large Jug
Helvellyn Large Jug Sale priceCFA244,800
Helvellyn Croft & Up - Water Carafe.
Helvellyn Claret Jug.
Helvellyn Claret Jug Sale priceCFA525,200

Made for sharing; entertain with a crystal wine carafe.

Our crystal jugs offer a modern take on a classic style, produced by using a two-stage hand-cutting procedure that entails roughing and polishing with a sandstone wheel. The method, rarely used in modern processes, creates a sharpness and finish quality that machines cannot replicate. Each precise cut calls for the highest degree of accuracy and crystal of the highest calibre, as seen in pieces such as our show-stopping Grasmere claret jug.

If you appreciate a few drinks with someone special, a gifted decanter is a perfect way to show you care. Each time they open the drinks cabinet, your friend or loved one will receive a warm reminder of the good times shared. Why not go the extra mile and personalise your gift with our bespoke engraving service?

Carafes with a Cumbrian flair.

Our company, founded in 1976 by Lord and Lady Cavendish, has stayed true to its Ulverston-based artisan origins.

A small and personal team of 14 artisans makes up our workforce. At our factory (where guests can visit and witness the alchemy of creating our traditional crystalware), we manufacture drinkware to adorn formal dinners and state events at embassies and residencies around the globe. Please contact us if you need advice or support on our products.