Elevate your beverage to the next level with a stunning champagne flute from Cumbria Crystal.

Whether you are popping a bottle of champagne, enjoying a perfectly chilled prosecco or starting the day in style with a mouthwatering mimosa, there is arguably no better way to present and enjoy your beverage than with a crystal champagne flute. 

Cumbria Crystal’s remarkable collection of champagne flutes is hand-crafted with precision, with each facet having been well thought out to sit effortlessly in the hand while capturing the gentle dance of bubbles and dapples of natural light. 

As with any flute, we recommend that you always hold your drinkware by the stem; this allows the bowl to breathe, preventing the beverage from warming due to the hand’s heat. 

Although our crystal flutes are the perfect addition to a social occasion or an evening soiree, that is not to say that they cannot be brought out for more informal events, such as making a casual al fresco meal with friends all the more memorable. 

Similarly, they are not exclusive to serving champagne and sparkling wines. Flutes are a fantastic way to elegantly present fresh fruit juices, non-alcoholic mimosas, and the classic sparkling elderflower if you prefer an alcohol-free beverage. For more shapes and designs, please explore our fantastic collection of champagne coupes. 

Personalise a champagne flute to make any gift extra special. 

Cumbria Crystal’s team of artisanal experts are not just adept at crafting an exquisite range of crystalware; they can also make your piece extra special and unique to you. Using our engraving service, you can create personalised champagne flutes to own and enjoy yourself or present to loved ones as a precious gift.

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