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The Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Collection

Sharing its name with the quaint village and lake in the Lake District, our Grasmere collection is every bit as picturesque. This stunning range is the most popular and iconic of all our collections, immortalised on-screen in pictures including Casino Royale of the James Bond series and Downton Abbey.

The Grasmere collection comprises a versatile mix of crystalware, from elegant and ornate champagne glasses to striking-yet-sturdy whisky glasses and everything in between.

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Grasmere - Cocktail ShakerGrasmere - Cocktail Shaker
Grasmere - Cocktail Shaker Sale priceK24.149
Grasmere Large Martini Glass.Grasmere Large Martini Glass
Grasmere Small Martini Glass.
Grasmere Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Whisky Tumbler 12oz.Grasmere Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Whisky Tumbler 12oz.
Grasmere Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8oz.Grasmere Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8oz
Grasmere Vintage Champagne.Grasmere Vintage Champagne.
Grasmere Tall Champagne Flute.Grasmere - Tall Champagne Flute
Grasmere Large Goblet.Grasmere Large Goblet
Grasmere Large Goblet Sale priceFrom K6.367
Grasmere Goblet.
Grasmere Goblet Sale priceFrom K6.147
Grasmere Large Wine.Grasmere Large Wine
Grasmere Large Wine Sale priceFrom K5.928
Grasmere Champagne coupe.Grasmere Champagne coupe
Grasmere Champagne coupe Sale priceFrom K6.147
Grasmere Large Brandy BalloonGrasmere Large Brandy Balloon
Grasmere Large Brandy Balloon Sale priceFrom K6.586
Celebrate the beauty of Grasmere with Cumbria Crystal’s iconic collection.

Grasmere is known globally for its enchanting natural beauty, whether that is the serene waters of the lake, the surrounding rolling green hills or the charming local stone and winding streets of the village itself.

The setting has inspired many visitors, most notably the renowned Lakes-based poet William Wordsworth, a local for some 14 years who described the village as “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found."

With so much inspiration at our doorstep, Cumbria Crystal’s artisans were not hard-pressed when imagining and creating our most popular crystalware collection. Working from the original Grasmere pattern designed by our founder, Lady Cavendish, they’ve expressed their artistry in a truly superb range that befits the beautiful village of Grasmere. In Our Story, you can read more about Cumbria Crystal’s origins and Lord and Lady Cavendish’s inspiration.


Crystalware that demands attention, whether on the television screen or in your collection.

This proud love letter to Grasmere has since been recognised and celebrated, as seen on-screen on Downton Abbey’s lavish dining tables or calmly sipped by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

Wherever it is featured, our Grasmere collection cannot help but catch the eye and elevate the experience, whether a social gathering or a formal meal. The range comprises champagne glasses, crystal decanters, gin glasses, stemware, whisky glasses and more, meaning there is plenty to enjoy and expand your collection.

You will also find these crystal glasses make the perfect gift, an occasion you can make all the more special with Cumbria Crystal’s bespoke engraving service.