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Carafes & Jugs (The Outlet)

Exude luxury with a crystal carafe. This stunning crystalware collection is the best way to invite elegance to your upcoming event, whether serving up fresh spring water, the perfect red wine accompaniment, or a refreshing Pimms. Why not make things personal? Inscribe your carafe using our engraving service and gift a piece of crystalware they will cherish for years to come.

Our Outlet crystal is made with exactly the same love and care as all our crystal; however, as it is not 'made to order,' items are only visible to purchase on the website when we have them available. If you don't see something you want, please check again in a few weeks, or consider our shopping from our standard collections. Thank you.

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Save ₡ 106.700,00Helvellyn Croft & Up - Water Carafe (Factory Outlet Stock) Discontinued: End of Line.
Helvellyn Croft & Up - Water Carafe (The Outlet) Discontinued Stock Sale price₡ 123.800,00 Regular price₡ 230.500,00
Save ₡ 64.000,00Helvellyn Tot Jug (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Tot Jug (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 38.500,00 Regular price₡ 102.500,00
Save ₡ 55.500,00Grasmere - Cream Jug (The Outlet) DiscontinuedGrasmere - Cream Jug (The Outlet) Discontinued
Grasmere - Cream Jug (The Outlet) Discontinued Sale price₡ 55.500,00 Regular price₡ 111.000,00
Save ₡ 120.400,00Helvellyn Large Jug (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 84.500,00 Regular price₡ 204.900,00
Save ₡ 226.200,00Helvellyn Claret Jug (Factory Outlet Stock).
Helvellyn Claret Jug (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 213.400,00 Regular price₡ 439.600,00
Save ₡ 64.000,00Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet)Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet)
Keswick - Jug - Cream Jug without Ice Lip (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 47.000,00 Regular price₡ 111.000,00
Save ₡ 124.600,00PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet)PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet)
PROTEUS - Large Jug (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 67.500,00 Regular price₡ 192.100,00
Save ₡ 162.200,00Sabre Claret Jug (Factory Outlet Stock).Sabre Claret Jug (The Outlet)
Sabre Claret Jug (The Outlet) Sale price₡ 243.300,00 Regular price₡ 405.500,00