Preserve, pour and enjoy with a decanter from Cumbria Crystal.

Your best-loved brandies, whiskies and wines deserve the finest treatment. Not only should they be preserved to ensure each note and aroma is maintained and enjoyed every time you remove the stopper, but they should also be showcased. 

Our crystal decanters set the stage for your favourite beverages, allowing them to shine and keep hold of every ounce of flavour. 

  • Wine decanters: A wine decanter will aerate the wine, exposing it to air which helps to soften the tannins and enhance the aroma and flavour. Decanting will also separate sediment found in bottles from the wine.

    The serving of wine is a time-old tradition that evokes feelings of togetherness, typically enjoyed when entertaining family and friends; a crystal wine decanter will make this occasion all the more special.

  • Whisky decanter: A whisky or port decanter is perfect for displaying and serving spirits. Our crystal whisky decanters feature intricate designs, patterns and tactile elements, which invite you to touch and allow light to play off the surface.

    A crystal decanter is ideal for bringing the best out of your favourite liqueurs,, fully showcasing the rich hues of the beverage and turning the simple moment of sharing a drink into a memorable showstopper.
  • Our decanters are thoughtfully designed to match your favourite stemware and whisky glasses from our best-selling collections, including Grasmere, Helvellyn and Palm

    Given our decanters' breathtaking design and versatility, they make fantastic gifts for wine or spirit lovers. If you are searching for something a little different yet effortlessly complementary to add to the collection, explore our selection of carafes and water jugs.

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