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Clear and Grey - Curved Whisky Tumbler (Outlet Stock)


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Clear & Grey - Curved Whisky Tumbler: BT-150-TRGREY-FO

Clear and Grey is a contemporary variation of a non-standard collection not usually available for purchase via our website. The connoisseur of whisky will appreciate the narrow neck as it helps focus the nose.

The attractive vertical decorative lines alternate between highly polished, clear cutting, and a satin line with an opaque finish.


Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of our products do not meet our standards to pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assessed as Premium Quality. These are classified as Slightly Imperfect or Outlet Quality. Slightly Imperfect products will have minor inconsistencies such as small bubbles, stones, slight discoloration, or subtle variations in size or weight.

Whisky Tumblers | Outlet
390 g
As all our products are handmade by our small team of artisans, we do not hold large quantities of stock. If your product must be handcrafted especially for you, we will be in touch to inform you of this and advise you of an anticipated delivery date. You will not have to wait any longer than 8 weeks if we do not have your order in stock, but we always endeavour to deliver to you much sooner than this. 
If we are unable to deliver your order in time for a special event, you will be given the option of a Commissioning Letter that can be gifted whilst waiting for your crystal to arrive. Please state in your Order Notes if you require for a certain date.

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