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Champagne Coupe

Cumbria Crystal’s remarkable collection of champagne glasses encompasses a vast array of styles and shapes, including the ever-popular champagne coupe. Also known as champagne saucers, this shallow, wide-bowled form is distinctive in appearance and incredibly easy on the eye. 

The breathtaking aesthetics of this shape became popular in the early 20th century, appearing on the social scene of many a glitzy gathering or glamorous party before the stem design became popular and produced the champagne flute.

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Grasmere Champagne coupe.Grasmere Champagne coupe
Grasmere Champagne coupe Sale priceFrom 1.618,00 kr
Sovereign Champagne CoupeSovereign Champagne Coupe
Sovereign Champagne Coupe Sale price1.560,00 kr
Boogie Woogie Champagne CoupeBoogie Woogie Champagne Coupe
Boogie Woogie Champagne Coupe Sale price1.560,00 kr
Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe
Six II (Two) Champagne Coupe Sale price1.676,00 kr
Summer Waves Champagne CoupeSummer Waves Champagne Coupe
Summer Waves Champagne Coupe Sale price405,00 kr
Summer Breeze Champagne CoupeSummer Breeze Champagne Coupe
Summer Breeze Champagne Coupe Sale price405,00 kr
Summer Tide Champagne CoupeSummer Tide Champagne Coupe
Summer Tide Champagne Coupe Sale price405,00 kr
Clear & Grey - Champagne CoupeClear & Grey - Champagne Coupe
Clear & Grey - Champagne Coupe Sale price1.676,00 kr
Six IV (Four) Champagne Coupe
Six IV (Four) Champagne Coupe Sale price1.618,00 kr
Six III (Three) Champagne Coupe
Six III (Three) Champagne Coupe Sale price1.676,00 kr

Raise a glass and mark any occasion with our handcrafted champagne coupes.

Champagne coupe glasses offer a vintage aesthetic that cannot fail to help your soiree stand out from the crowd. Dating back to the Roaring Twenties, a coupe allows you to embrace your inner Gatsby and really get the party in full swing. 

Inspired by the Art Deco era, this iconic shape sits elegantly in hand and has recently enjoyed a boom in popularity that has seen modern incarnations come to the market. 

At Cumbria Crystal, we craft the real thing with artisanal precision and years of irreplaceable experience. Using only the finest materials, our hand-cut crystal glassware comprises a stunning selection of champagne glasses with coupes from some of our most popular collections, including Grasmere and Boogie Woogie.

If you want to add this timeless symbol of a champagne glass to your collection, there are no finer examples than those lovingly created from our Cumbria base. 

Hand cut precision with a practical application. 

As well as looking fabulous, each coupe offers plenty of practicalities. The broad, shallow bowl of the champagne coupe allows the bubbles of a fizzy beverage to dissipate quicker, while the spacious opening develops the aroma. 

Of course, the right champagne glass for you comes down to preference. If you prefer your beverage to remain sparkling for longer, we recommend choosing one of our fabulous champagne flute designs.