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Wine Glasses (The Outlet)

Invest in a set of wine glasses that are a pleasure to use, whether hosting drinks and dinner parties or enjoying informal occasions. Cumbria Crystal encompasses a variety of traditional and modern shapes in our crystalware to accentuate your dining table. Select delicate crystal wine glasses created to emphasize the flavour properties of specific wines thanks to crisp rims and intricately designed bowls that allow you to capture each note of your favourite wine.

Our Outlet crystal is made with exactly the same love and care as all our crystal; however, as it is not 'made to order,' items are only visible to purchase on the website when we have them available. If you don't see something you want, please check again in a few weeks, or consider our shopping from our standard collections. Thank you.

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Grasmere Goblet (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Goblet (The Outlet)
Grasmere Goblet (The Outlet) Sale price811,00 kr
Grasmere Large Wine (Factory Outlet Stock).Grasmere Large Wine (The Outlet)
Save 995,00 krHelvellyn Large Wine (The Outlet)Helvellyn Large Wine (The Outlet)
Helvellyn Large Wine (The Outlet) Sale price568,00 kr Regular price1.563,00 kr
Sabre Goblet (The Outlet)Sabre Goblet (The Outlet)
Sabre Goblet (The Outlet) Sale price926,00 kr
Save 637,00 krWindermere Goblet (Factory Outlet Stock).
Windermere Wine Goblet (The Outlet) Sale price984,00 kr Regular price1.621,00 kr
Regency Large Wine (Factory Outlet Stock).Regency Large Wine (Factory Outlet Stock).
Sabre - Large Wine Glass (The Outlet)Sabre - Large Wine Glass (The Outlet)
Save 695,00 krPalm Small Wine (Factory Outlet Stock).Palm Small Wine (The Outlet) Discontinued
Palm Small Wine (The Outlet) Discontinued Sale price521,00 kr Regular price1.216,00 kr
Save 810,00 krBoogie Woogie - Large Wine Glass (The Outlet)Boogie Woogie - Large Wine Glass (The Outlet)
Boogie Woogie - Large Wine Glass (The Outlet) Sale price695,00 kr Regular price1.505,00 kr
Helvellyn - Small Wine Glass: (The Outlet)Helvellyn - Small Wine Glass: (The Outlet)
Save 983,00 krKeswick - Wine - Large Wine (The Outlet)Keswick - Wine - Large Wine (The Outlet)
Keswick - Wine - Large Wine (The Outlet) Sale price406,00 kr Regular price1.389,00 kr
Save 753,00 krLangdale - Wine - Large Wine (Bridge) (The Outlet)Langdale - Wine - Large Wine (Bridge) (The Outlet)
Langdale - Wine - Large Wine (Bridge) (The Outlet) Sale price463,00 kr Regular price1.216,00 kr