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The Cumbria Crystal Helvellyn Collection

The scenic region of The Lake District is synonymous with dramatic landscapes and soaring peaks, with perhaps none more famous than the mighty Helvellyn. Cumbria Crystal was inspired to immortalise the breathtaking natural beauty of the mountain with our stunning Helvellyn collection.

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Helvellyn Double Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 12oz.Helvellyn Double Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 12oz
Helvellyn Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler 8oz.
Helvellyn Large Highball.
Helvellyn Large Highball Sale price1.447,00 kr
Helvellyn Shot.
Helvellyn Shot Sale price521,00 kr
Helvellyn Croft & Up - Water Carafe.
Helvellyn Tot Jug
Helvellyn Tot Jug Sale price1.389,00 kr
Helvellyn Tall Champagne Flute
Helvellyn Tall Champagne Flute Sale price1.621,00 kr
Helvellyn Vintage Champagne
Helvellyn Vintage Champagne Sale price1.621,00 kr
Helvellyn Large Brandy Balloon
Helvellyn Large Brandy Balloon Sale price1.737,00 kr
Helvellyn Cumbria Baluster.
Helvellyn Cumbria Baluster Sale price1.968,00 kr
Helvellyn Gin Glass.
Helvellyn Gin Glass Sale price1.910,00 kr
Helvellyn Square Spirit Decanter.Helvellyn Square Spirit Decanter
Helvellyn Square Spirit Decanter Sale price5.961,00 kr
Take your crystalware collection to new heights with our Helvellyn range.

In the sprawling 866 square miles of Lake District National Park, Helvellyn stands tall as one of the most iconic landmarks in the region. Towering over the landscape at 950 metres in height, the mountain is the third-highest peak in both The Lake District and England.

The peak enjoys easy access, a thrilling mix of manageable trails, and challenging scrambles, including the famous Striding Edge. Featuring sheer drops on either side, the route takes you from Mires Beck up from Glenridding, where you’ll soon catch your first sight of the imposing Helvellyn. From there, you’re soon onto the ridge of Striding Edge, where you can take in the Helvellyn summit before descending with a scramble down Swirral Edge

Helvellyn is a magnet for hikers and climbers of all experience levels, with the town of Ambleside and the waters of Ullswater close by for tasty refreshments or a cooling spot of wild swimming.

Our Helvellyn collection celebrates this enchanting area in true Cumbria Crystal style, taking inspiration from the landscape's undulating curves and dramatic lines. The result is an extensive selection of crystalware that is perfect for all occasions and includes champagne glasses, decanters, gin glasses and stemware, as well as some stunning crystal bowls and vases that will cohesively tie your decor and barware together.


Invest in the artistry of our crystal experts.

When purchasing our glassware, you invest in British-made products and craftspeople with genuine love and care for their craft. Our artisanal team has invaluable skills and experience in glass blowing and cutting, producing the finest lead crystal that graces cabinets and tables everywhere. You will find the Helvellyn collection favoured for formal dining and entertainment by British Embassies, Consulates and Residencies worldwide and many acclaimed cinema and television productions.