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Crystal Martini Glasses

Synonymous with high-class cocktail culture and instantly recognisable by their distinctive shape, Martini glasses present specialised drinkware aimed at those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Cumbria Crystal is home to an extraordinary collection of crystal Martini glasses, characterised by their classic V-shaped silhouette and lovingly crafted from the finest lead crystal and responsibly sourced materials. For more options, please browse our complete range of cocktail glasses.


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Grasmere Small Martini Glass.
Grasmere Small Martini Glass Sale price1.910,00 kr
Grasmere Large Martini Glass.Grasmere Large Martini Glass
Grasmere Large Martini Glass Sale price2.142,00 kr
Boogie Woogie Martini.Boogie Woogie Martini.
Boogie Woogie Martini Sale price1.794,00 kr
Loop Martini.Loop Martini.
Loop Martini Glass Sale price1.794,00 kr
Sovereign Martini GlassSovereign Martini Glass
Sovereign Martini Glass Sale price1.794,00 kr
Palm Martini Glass.Palm Martini Glass
Palm Martini Glass Sale price1.737,00 kr
Selene Martini Glass
Selene Martini Glass Sale price1.447,00 kr
Clear and Grey - Martini GlassClear and Grey - Martini Glass
Clear and Grey - Martini Glass Sale price2.142,00 kr
Summer Tide Martini GlassSummer Tide Martini Glass
Summer Tide Martini Glass Sale price452,00 kr
Summer Breeze Martini GlassSummer Breeze Martini Glass
Summer Breeze Martini Glass Sale price452,00 kr
Summer Waves Martini GlassSummer Waves Martini Glass
Summer Waves Martini Glass Sale price452,00 kr

Create memories and make your cocktail party unforgettable with a Martini glass from Cumbria Crystal.

Martini glasses are rightly associated with elegance and sophistication. A staple at any discerning cocktail party or social gathering, these cocktail glasses are immediately recognisable thanks to their timeless silhouette. 

Their distinctive V-shaped cone tapers to a shallow bowl, met by a long elegant stem that sits effortlessly in the drinker’s hand. Far from merely an aesthetic consideration, this also has practical elements, ensuring the beverage avoids warming and remains perfectly chilled. After all, who wants a tepid Martini? 

At Cumbria Crystal, you will discover a collection of crystal Martini glasses that go the extra mile to achieve luxury, durability and versatility. Carefully crafted by our team of Lakes-based artisans, we painstakingly craft the finest lead crystal and sands to produce drinkware of the utmost clarity and luminance. 

Flexible, fashionable and thoughtfully designed.

Although ideal for the standard Martini, you will also find our glassware is perfectly at home with a well-poured Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri or Manhattan. If you prefer to enjoy an alcohol-free beverage, fear not; Martini glasses are great for serving virgin Martinis and sour mocktails – the ideal accompaniments for pre-dinner drinks or an afternoon garden party. 

Wherever you enjoy our enduring designs, you will surely appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail across our collection. Incorporating aspects from our Boogie Woogie, Loop and Palm collections, to name but a few, each Martini glass features sensational quality and eye-catching aesthetics that will elevate your beverage to the next level.