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The Cumbria Crystal Selene Collection

Inspired by Greek mythology, our Selene crystal collection presents an exquisite range of barware. Named after Selene, the goddess of the moon, our crystalware is every bit as radiant and eye-catching as its namesake. Each cocktail glass, whisky glass, and crystal decanter features hand-engraved opaque ovals, referred to as olives in the industry, that depict the moon and its journey around the Earth.

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Selene - Curved Whisky TumblerSelene - Curved Whisky Tumbler
Selene - Curved Whisky Tumbler Sale price1.147,00 kr
Selene - Double Old Fashioned (DOF) Tumbler 12oz
Selene - Square Liqueur Decanter
Selene - Square Liqueur Decanter Sale price4.621,00 kr
Selene Martini Glass
Selene Martini Glass Sale price1.448,00 kr
Selene - Large Brandy Glass
Selene - Large Brandy Glass Sale price1.274,00 kr
Selene - Large Highball
Selene - Large Highball Sale price1.274,00 kr
Explore the inspiration behind the Selene Collection.

At Cumbria Crystal, we take inspiration from anywhere you can find beauty. Whether that is the stunning surroundings of our Lake District home reflected in the Grasmere and Helvellyn collections or the spirit of specific eras in our Regency and Boogie Woogie range.

The Selene crystalware collection is inspired by Greek mythology, with Selene being the goddess of the Moon. Also known as Mene, she is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and sister of the sun god Helios and dawn goddess Eos.

It is said that Selene drives her moon chariot across the night sky, pulled by two horses; she guides the moon as it travels through the heavens and is regarded as the personification of the Moon itself.


Beauty is in the details.

Cumbria Crystal pays homage to the radiant beauty of Selene and the moon across this collection's cocktail glasses, whisky glasses, and crystal decanters. The twelve ornate hand-engraved opaque ovals adorning each piece depict the twelve phases of the lunar year and the journey of the moon around the Earth. Contrasted by exquisitely cut lines complimenting the soft lunar-inspired shapes, this collection can’t help but draw the eye.