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A classic Square Liqueur Decanter, popularly used for whisky: DC-207-SE-FO

The most popular Square Liqueur Decanter shape we produce pairs well with the matching Double Old Fashioned tumbler (BT-102-SE-FO), or Curved tumbler (BT-150-SE-FO)

Inspired by Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the Moon. Also known as Mene, she is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun god Helios and dawn goddess Eos. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens and she is regarded as the personification of the Moon itself.

Each of the four sides of the decanter supports four hand-engraved opaque ovals representing one of the four seasons. Each oval represents one of the 12 phases of the moon during a lunar year.

H:23cm; W:9cm; 750ml

Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of our products do not meet our standards to pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assesed as Premium Quality. These are classified as Slightly Imperfect or Outlet Quality. Slightly Imperfect products will have minor inconsistencies such as small bubbles, stones, slight discoloration, or subtle variations in size or weight. Customers for whom compromise is not an option should consider our Premium Quality alternative.

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