Speak to luxury with a Cumbrian Silver Decanter. 

Our pheasant and stag sterling-silver toppers present the perfect opportunity to define your drinkware with a choice of Grasmere ships and square-shaped spirit decanters.

Understandably, cognac, whisky, and gin decanters remain much-loved gifts and prized possessions. The breathtaking gleam of a transparent crystal decanter married with the aroma of your favourite beverage is unmatched. When paired with nods to the famous Highland wildlife in a sterling-silver topper, every sip will have you experiencing the serenity and escape of the UK’s imposing crags and peaks. 

Dine in sophistication with a Crystal Decanter.

When you choose from our crystalware, you can be confident you are sipping in style with drinkware that regularly features in cinemas and on the small screen. Our collections have graced many TV and film productions, picked thanks to their incredible attention to detail and sparkle. Please contact us with any further questions about our unique silver-topped decanter.

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