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The Cumbria Crystal Loop Collection

Our Loop barware displaces some of the finest glass crystal cutting among our many collections, fully showcasing the skills and expertise of our artisan workforce. The intricate vertical lines and horizontal rings are meticulously crafted with breathtaking detail, drawing in the eye and willing you to explore. 

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Loop - Curved TumblerLoop - Curved Tumbler
Loop - Curved Tumbler Sale price€155,00
Loop Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 12oz.Loop Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 12oz
Loop Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz.Loop Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz.
Loop Old Fashioned Tumbler 8oz Sale price€130,00
Loop Spirit Decanter.Loop Spirit Decanter
Loop Spirit Decanter Sale price€520,00
Loop - Cocktail ShakerLoop - Cocktail Shaker
Loop - Cocktail Shaker Sale price€670,00
Loop Martini.Loop Martini.
Loop Martini Glass Sale price€190,00
Loop - Champagne FluteLoop - Champagne Flute
Loop - Champagne Flute Sale price€165,00
Loop - Wine Goblet
Loop - Wine Goblet Sale price€155,00
Loop - Wine DecanterLoop - Wine Decanter
Loop - Wine Decanter Sale price€580,00
Loop Large Highball.
Loop Large Highball Sale price€140,00
Loop Ice Cooler.
Loop Ice Cooler Sale price€240,00
Enhance your barware with the Loop collection.

If there is one thing we love at Cumbria Crystal, it is the inclusive appearance of a complete barware set. Whether adorning the shelves and cupboards of a cabinet or being wheeled out on a bar trolley for special occasions, the aesthetic is unmatched and makes every social gathering a real showstopping experience. 

The Loop collection presents an attractive range of cocktail, gin and whisky glasses and a crystal decanter for displaying and serving with the ultimate showcase piece.  Though simple and classic in appearance, the incredible design work of our artisan craftspeople cannot help but grab the drinker's attention thanks to tactile, fine-cut lines that invite you to touch. 

Each loop is precise and accurate and displays astonishing attention to detail, the kind of craftsmanship that certainly resonates with designer Jessamy Kelly's influences; industrial elegance where form follows function.


From The Lakes with love. 

Not only is Cumbria Crystal fit for royal occasions and embassies worldwide, but we are also stars of the silver screen. Our crystalware has been featured in multiple James Bond motion pictures, used by Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as they donned the sharp suits of 007. 

Our influence doesn’t stop there, as you will also find our beautiful crystal collections appearing on award-winning television series such as The Crown and Downton Abbey.